About Us

My name is Nicole and I am the owner and operator of Boat Pittsburgh. I was just like you: wanting so badly to hang out on a boat with my friends, or to show off my city to out-of-town guests. What I realized as I searched is that no boat rental exists. So I decided to do it myself. I have spent the last six years creating and formulating what I believe to be the next major riverfront asset in the Steel City.

I grew up on Lake Mohawk in Malvern, Ohio. For two decades I spent each summer cruising the lake in every shape and form. When I was a child, it was in my mother’s lap, bouncing on a speedboat, wind in my hair and a smile on my face! As I got a little older, I was dragged around for hours on a tube with my friends while my father tried desperately to find just the right angles to flip us over. Then I learned to waterski. Then slalom. Then wakeboard. I was a member of the Lake Mohawk Waterski Club and performed in the Independence Day ski show every year. As a teenager, my parents sold our speedboat and traded it for a more mellow pontoon. That’s when I fell in love. My friends and I found our freedom on the boat, cruising together and making memories. To this day I still love boating – floating along or flying by – and I want to share that experience with you! ‘Burghers and visitors alike will revel in the freedom of charting their own course on our beautiful Three Rivers.

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Nicole Moga

Nicole Moga,

Owner & Operator

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Site Manager

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Boat Rental Assistant

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Boat Rental Assistant

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Boat Rental Assistant