4th of July

4th of July

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching and we all know it is a HUGE holiday for the boating community. With all of the fun in the sun, food, and drinking, it is very easy to begin to feel the effects of alcohol while out on a boat. Here are a few reminders and informational resources to help you and your crew have a fantastic holiday on the Three Rivers!

  • Pennsylvania Law prohibits anyone from boating while under the influence (BUI) of “…alcohol, controlled substances, or drugs.” (www.boat-ed.com)
  • Legal limit for alcohol while boating is the same as driving a car on the road—0.08% for anyone 21 years and older and 0.02% for anyone underage.
  • Between the wind, motion, and heat, the effects of alcohol are magnified on a boat. May affect you ability to think, perform tasks, and safely operate a boat. (PA Boating Handbook—Chapter 5)

Tips to stay safe:

  • Find a designated driver who’s willing to abstain during your rental.
  • Pack beverage alternatives and make mock-tails.
  • Stay hydrated! Bring enough water for everyone onboard.
  • Bring snacks and don’t forget to eat.

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