What is the Pittsburgh Pool?

What is the Pittsburgh Pool?

Where can you find Boat Pittsburgh and rent a pontoon boat to cruise the rivers?
As of the 2019 Boating Season, Boat Pittsburgh has a new home! Boat Pittsburgh is now located within 6 Mile Landing marina off of 19th Street in Sharpsburg, just a few minutes from Rt. 28 and the Highland Park Bridge overlooking the Allegheny River and Six Mile Island.

Boating in the Pittsburgh Pool
The Pittsburgh Pool is comprised of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers with their lock and dam systems serving as the pool boundaries. Starting on the Allegheny River, the Pittsburgh Pool begins with Lock and Dam 2 just under the Highland Park Bridge. Traveling approximately 6 miles downriver from Lock and Dam 2, you will come to Point State Park where the Allegheny and Monongahela converge to form the Ohio River. Cruising from the Point, there are approximately 11 miles of river before you reach the Braddock Lock and Dam on the Monongahela. If your boat trip takes you down the Ohio River from the Point, Emsworth Lock and Dam is approximately 6 miles downriver. Between the three lock and dam systems, boaters have over 20 miles of river to enjoy!  https://riversofsteel.com/_uploads/files/FOR%203%20Rivers%20Guide.pdf

Travel time from Boat Pittsburgh to the Point is roughly a 40 minute boat ride. On the return trip from the Point to Boat Pittsburgh at 6 Mile Landing, it is approximately 1 hour. The reason for the difference in travel time is because when you’re heading toward the Point, you’re boating down river with the current, but when you are returning you arenavigating against the river current which slows down your speed.

Places to see, things to do, and bathrooms to visit while out on the rivers!
There are many sights to see while out on the rivers. Among the various bridges and architecture in the City of Pittsburgh, you can also see the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Heinz Stadium, PNC Park, Point State Park, the Carnegie Science Center, USS Renquin submarine, and the Gateway Clipper Fleet at Station Square.

If your crew is in the mood to hit up some restaurants via boat, Redfin Blues on Washington’s Landing near mile marker 3 on the Allegheny River is a delicious outdoor dining option with public docks. On the Monongahela River, public docking is also available on the riverfront of Hofbräuhaus in South Side Works. You are also welcome to bring your own coolers and food and enjoy a picnic out on the water!

Finally, the question on everyone’s mind… What if the call of nature calls while I am boating? Good news! You have two very accessible bathroom options. The first option is before you even leave the dock at 6 Mile Landing. As a Boat Pittsburgh customer, you have access to the temperature controlled bathroom facilities at 6 Mile Landing. Honestly these bathrooms are pretty spiffy! Your second option is near the fountain at Point State Park. There are bathroom facilities on either side of the Point that are open to the public. Simply tie up with your dock lines on either the Allegheny or Monongahela side of the Point (not at the tip) and let your crew take turns disembarking. Point State Park is a very popular destination and there is not a lot of mooring space. Make sure someone stays on the pontoon boat though!

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